Your gutters are a part of your home that always seems to get left until there is a real problem, the main issue being that due to where they are located on your property they are not easy to access without the correct equipment.  Even if your gutters look clean from the ground there is a fair chance that the moss and leaves have built up over the months  and a lot of the time nobody will even notice an issue until we get some heavy rainfall which if your gutters are not flowing correctly can create issues with damp around your property.


At AJS Window Cleaning Services we have invested in the latest Gutter Vacuum Equipment to allow us to be able to clean your gutters without the need for ladders and the extra issues they can cause for your property.  Even if your property has gutters in awkward positons you can feel confident in the fact that we are able to clear your gutters to keep your drainage flowing freely before any issues arise.

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