If you choose our Window Cleaning Service you can be sure that you will receive a friendly reliable  service that achieves stunning results.

Until fairly recently to get a good streak free shine on your windows a window cleaner needed to use a variety of chemicals but thanks to advance in technology we are able to use a machine called the Reach and Wash System that removes the need for any chemicals and cleaning agents by using pure water.

Standard tap water has a purity of around 300-500 ppm (parts per million) and naturally has impurities such as limestone, nitrates and other minerals but by feeding the water through our Reach and Wash System to remove any impurities we are able to remove all the minerals and get the purity down to between 0-5 ppm. When using this purified water to clean your windows it absorbs all the dirt and grime from the surface without needing any chemicals leaving you with streak free and sparkling windows

The Reach and Wash System uses an extendable pole allowing for us to safely reach heights of over 60 feet with the pure water being fed through the pole to the brush at the end which allows the purified water to clean not only your windows to the highest standard but also the framework.


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